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MAYSB Chooses Functional Assessment Systems


Maryland Youth Services Bureau Chooses Functional Assessment Systems for Evidence Based Treatment Outcomes



The Maryland Association of Youth Services Bureau (MAYSB) has selected Functional Assessment Systems for use of its CAFAS® Outcomes Management Solution to be implemented at MAYSB’s 20 locations throughout the state of Maryland for youth referred to their organization.


“Our mission is to provide a positive force in improving the lives of children and their families,” explains MAYSB Executive Director Kamala Green. “The CAFAS allows us to dive deep into all aspects of the youth’s lives’, which creates a valuable conversation about how we can improve their lives.”


Mrs. Green cited Functional Assessment Systems’ evidenced-based treatment outcomes as a major factor in the selection of Functional Assessment Systems for MAYSB’s youth diversion programs. More than 100 of MAYSB affiliate employees will administer the CAFAS.


“We are looking forward to the CAFAS assisting us with our programs. Youth Services Bureaus are family-focused and work to strengthen families and enhance their functioning. The CAFAS allows for us to track change over time.”


“Youth service programs like MAYSB are choosing outcomes management systems like the CAFAS Outcomes Management Solution as a means to reduce disproportionate minority contact, divert their referred kids from the juvenile justice system and help better the lives of these kids and their families,” said Functional Assessment Systems Founder and CAFAS creator, Kay Hodges, Ph.D. “MAYSB’s vision for the future of the youth in Maryland and its commitment to their communities is truly commendable.”


About Maryland Youth Service Bureaus

Youth Services Bureaus work daily with youth facing many serious issues, such as school violence, truancy, family violence, substance abuse; issues that can inhibit their ability to succeed in life. Youth Service Bureau efforts are outcome based and provide services on a continuum to maximize the achievement of positive outcomes for each and every youth.


About Functional Assessment Systems

Functional Assessment Systems is the leader in web-based outcome management systems for youth and adolescents.


Their outcomes management systems are the CAFAS®, PECFAS®, JIFF Interviewer® and CWL®. These solutions are HIPAA compliant and used by groups like community mental health organizations, youth outreach programs, child and family services, juvenile justice, child welfare, school systems, primary care facilities and more.


Their goal is to positively impact the lives of children and adolescents by providing empirically-based tools that:

*Determines the youth's needs upon entry into services
*Guides treatment/service planning
Tracks progress over time

Functional Assessment Systems aims to offer assessments that can be used across various child-serving agencies as objective measures of day-to-day functioning.


For more information on Functional Assessment Systems, please call 734-769-9725, visit FASoutcomes.com or email us at [email protected].



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