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CAFAS® Training

Training to Rate the CAFAS

Online Video (for current software customers only, all others please contact [email protected])
Use our FREE online two-hour training video to learn the rules for rating the CAFAS. Each assessor can use this resource directly, thus no trainer is required to be present. Fill-out the Online CAFAS Reliability Request Form
or email [email protected] to request access to the training video.

What if you want to "test" how well you learned the CAFAS rules?
The online training video actually includes example situations and the correct CAFAS scoring. If you or your agency would like you to take a quiz to demonstrate your comprehension of the rules, that is available at the end of the training video. It is a fillable form that you download and email to us for scoring. We can then send you the documentation whether you have attained the status of "CAFAS Certified Rater®."

Is an agency trainer needed?
No. Each rater can train themselves. However, the training materials can be used in a group setting if preferred.

Is booster training needed?
No. Booster training is not needed. Our experience and research findings have shown that raters with good initial training maintain reliability over time. Therefore, we no longer require recertification. However, it is still an option if your state or agency would like to use the booster training materials.

Additional Training Options

Self-Training Manual

Using the CAFAS Self-Training Manual is also an option for anyone who prefers it. Please email [email protected] to obtain a copy of the self-training manual.

In-Person Training
Some agencies like to have a coordinator for the CAFAS, a person who is familiar with all aspects of the CAFAS and how it can be used, including for quality assurance. These persons can attain the status of “Certified CAFAS Trainer” by attending in-person training CAFAS. You can view our schedule of upcoming trainings on the News & Events section of our website or email [email protected] to request more information.

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