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Caregiver Wish List - CWL

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What is the Caregiver Wish List?

  • A step-by-step questionnaire for parents to report on their child’s compliance and their own parenting behavior
  • Parents “self-discover” their parenting strengths and growth opportunities.


  • Each question has a corresponding skill that can enhance parenting
  • Skills are behaviorally-based and achievable with practice
  • Questions assess skills for which there is empirical evidence that changing these parent behaviors will reduce the child’s problem behaviors and increases compliance
  • After answering the questions, parents identify their “Three Top Wishes”, which become their goals – making the CWL very parent-driven
  • Parent and practitioner sit together while the parent responds to the questions, which invites the parent to “share their story”
  • CWL can be re-administered to generate pre-to-post outcomes
  • No staff training needed


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Why use the CWL?

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How the CWL Works

The caregiver and the practitioner work together to complete the CWL. The practitioner reads the questions out-loud to the caregiver. This encourages the caregiver to add other contextually relevant information, providing an opportunity for the parent to tell their family’s story.

The CWL is divided into two sections, one that assesses the child’s behavior and the other assesses the parent’s behavior. The “Skill Wish List for Your Child” includes items that ask the caregiver about the child’s compliance in the home. The “Skill Wish List for You” has items that ask the caregiver about his or her own parenting behavior. Both sections use a five-point response option.

After marking all the items, the caregiver is asked to describe, in their own words, their “top three wishes” – the things they would most like to change about their parenting approach. Typically, after parents have answered the CWL questions, they identify for themselves their parenting strengths and challenges, given the unique needs of their child. In the process, the parent has already begun to visualize specific behavioral changes they could make with the help of coaching.

Why use the CWL®?
  • Engages parents to help design their specific program 
  • Results in a collaborative approach that enhances therapeutic alliance
  • Generates a tangible “Coaching Plan” which the parent owns and takes home
  • Generates a report for the Practitioner that can be used to plan sessions
  • Scores the CWL
  • For situations where the CWL cannot be completed online, paper version can be printed and responses entered later online
  • Ideal for agencies which provide Parent Management Training (PMT)
  • Integrated export tool makes it easy to aggregate data for reporting and program evaluation
  • Webservice interface eliminates duplicate entry 


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