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Teachers’ efforts to help each child be a successful learner are often impeded by behavioral problems that disrupt the classroom. Other children seem to have emotional or psychiatric conditions that interfere with them thriving academically. In fact, often children confide in teachers, hoping to get help for themselves or family members. It’s important that the school attend to these issues quickly, so that problems can be identified early. Otherwise, the academic progress of the troubled children, and the peers in their classrooms can be jeopardized.  FAS has assessment tools to help schools acheive their most import objectives.

FAS provides assessments that help schools address issues interfering with learning!

  • FAS assessments are used to assess youth who: 
    • Present a behavioral challenge in the classroom 
    • Appear to have emotional concerns that compromise educational progress 
    • Receive special educational services 
    • Receive substance use services 
    • Are transitioning into their neighborhood school after being in a residential–based school
  • The JIFF Interviewer®
    • Does the interviewing for the counselor 
    • Interviews the youth and/or parent
    • Helps with early identification and referral if needed
  • The Child & Adolescent Functional Assessment Scale® - CAFAS® 
    • Provides a comprehensive assessment of youth’s functioning 
    • Helps the mental health specialist in the educational setting evaluate behavioral and emotional needs
  • The PECFAS® (early childhood version of CAFAS®) is used to assess children for: 
    • Developmental, emotional, or behavioral concerns 
    • School readiness or placement, when in question

Schools and FAS Assessments
• Educators and parents want assessments that:  
   • Are objective
   • Focus on functioning
   • Look at the “whole child”
   • Solicit parent and youth input 
   • Are easily understood by everyone
   • Are used to track progress

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FAS assessments can be used to track outcomes for youth enrolled in school-based mental health services or other therapeutic programs. Aggregated data at the level of the individual student and program can provide accountability and evidence of effectiveness.

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