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Health professionals are often the first to hear parental concerns about hyperactivity, school failure, difficulty managing the youth, and concerns about depression, substance use, or family problems. In order to respond to parental requests or guide the parent to other services, often a rapid assessment that takes a “holistic” view of the child is needed. 


The JIFF Interviewer® gives you the information you need!

  • Interviews the youth and/or caregiver for you
    • Does not require a mental health professional
    • Gives instant reports 
    • Suggests goals tailored to the youth’s needs
  • The JIFF can be re-administered at periodic check-ups to:
    • Track outcomes for children receiving medication
    • Keep you informed about the well-being of at-risk youth
  • The JIFF assists with service coordination. The one-page Service-Plan:
    • Links needs to practical goals 
    • Goals are, in turn, linked to local services 
    • Used to hold service-providing agencies accountable

Primary Care and the JIFF®
• Primary Care providers need an assessment that:  
   • Quickly gives an overview of needs
   • Informs decisions about treatment
   • Improves parent/child understanding
   • Guides on what to "do next"
   • Justifies referrals with details
   • Evaluates treatment effectiveness

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For practices that include mental health or behavioral health care professionals:

  • If a more in-depth evaluation appears warranted, the CAFAS® or PECFAS® can be used to provide a comprehensive assessment

  • If helping parents learn more effective ways to manage their child’s difficult behavior is a service that is offered, the Caregiver Wish List®CWL® is an ideal assessment and outcome measure. It is a self-administered questionnaire that pinpoints the skills they need to learn and invites the parent to take the lead, by generating a “Caregiver’s Coaching Plan.”

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