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Families that present to you are often in crisis. Typically, there is very little known about the child, yet quick decisions may be needed. For children who enter the foster care system, you are charged with ensuring the child’s well-being and monitoring the child’s continued development. An assessment process, which identifies needs and concerns across all of the major areas of functioning in a child’s life, provides an invaluable tool to help match children to appropriate placements and monitor their well-being while in placement.


The JIFF Interviewer® - gives Child Welfare agencies valuable insights!

  • Interviews the child and/or parents and gives instant reports:
    • Assessment Summary report
    • One page goal-based plan
  • The JIFF is used to rapidly assess youth:
    • Entering foster care 
    • Entering adoption 
    • At risk for placement disruption or adoption failure 
    • Child welfare referrals needing more evaluation
  • The JIFF can be re-administered for outcomes tracking to:
    • Keep you informed about the well-being of children in placements
    • Evaluate outcomes for youth in therapeutic placements or treatments
  • The JIFF Service Plan (optional) helps with coordination of services:
    • Links needs to practical goals
    • Goals are, in turn, linked to local services
    • Helps hold staff, providers, and other agencies accountable

Child Welfare and the JIFF®
• Case workers, foster parents, and prospective adoptive parents like it!
   • Identifies behavioral issues early 
   • Identifies emotional issues early
   • Provides insights to caregivers
   • Clarifies treatment focus 
   • Fewer crises, fewer disruptions 
• Parents and youth like it:
   • Gives them a "Direct Voice"

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Caregiver Wish List® - CWL® - Engage parents to change parenting behavior!

  • Parents like it!
    • A self-report questionnaire that helps parents self-discover the specific skills they need to improve 
    • Generates a “Caregiver’s Coaching Plan”, which pinpoints their strengths, growth opportunities, and parenting goals
  • Staff like it!
    • Relieves them from being perceived as judgmental or negative – they can take the role of coach
    • Staying focused on skill building fosters motivation and yields unanticipated improvements

Child Welfare and the CWL
• Can benefit to your agency by:
   • Increasing rates of reunification
   • Minimizing likelihood of re-entry

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For children who need a more intensive evaluation, your assessment professionals can use the CAFAS®

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