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Most Juvenile Justice officials would like to have fewer youth brought into the system - and to see youth and their families receive services that might stop the “revolving door.” At the same time, dwindling budgets leave the system with fewer staff to support the increasing number of kids. You may need a way to assess a youth & adolescents in less time and at a lower cost, while lessening staff burden.  The JIFF Interviewer has a proven history of meeting the most urgent challenges in Juvenile Justice.


The JIFF does the interviewing for you!

  • The JIFF® interviews youth and/or caregivers and provides instant reports:
    • Assessment Summary report
    • One page goal-based plan
  • The JIFF® is used to rapidly assess youth:
    • At risk - truants, referred youth
    • Candidates for Diversion
    • Detained youth, prior to 24 hour hearing
  • The JIFF® evaluates outcomes for youth in:
    • Truancy
    • Diversion
    • Community-based services
    • Residential programs
    • Substance use programs
  • The JIFF® assists with service coordination.  The one-page Service-Plan
    • Links needs to practical goals
    • Goals are, in turn, linked to local services


Juvenile Justice and the JIFF®
• Judges, prosecutors and probation officers praise the JIFF for helping to:
   • Dramatically lower costs
   • Reduce adjudication rates
   • Decrease recidivism
   • Address overrepresentation
   • Minimize assessment wait time
• Youth like it:
   • Makes them feel comfortable 
   • Makes them feel competent
• Parents like it:
   • Asks for their input
   • Gives insights about their child
   • Includes them in the solution

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For parents with children who are status offenders or noncompliant: Caregiver Wish List® (CWL®)

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